Stage 4 – Follow-up and what to expect

During Stage 1 and Stage 2 the patient will be able to ascertain the presence of saliva production in the Oral cavity, this will also be confirmed by the practitioner.  The individual measurement of success varies from patient to patient, but generally the following have been identified as relief of the dry mouth condition:

  • general feeling of clean teeth when made to touch lower to upper rows,
  • general wetness at the roof and around the bottom gum lines of the mouth which remains consistent despite the apparent lack of saliva,
  • the ability to secrete saliva with the use of the recommended sugar free “start fresh mount watering mints for a dry mouth” and also the ability to exercise the muscles in the mouth to produce additional saliva,
  • the ability to masticate previously substantially inedible dry foods,
  • the ability to sleep through the night without constant awakening to drink or apply any other type of lubricant or synthetic saliva,
  • the ability to taste,
  • asignificant reduction and in some instances complete reversal of the red, cracked tongue affect,
  • the ability to talk for sustained periods of time without the requirement to drink fluids or add synthetic saliva to the oral cavity.

These are just some of the recognisable physical presentations from the Niemtzow dry mouth treatment and some will be present to a greater extent than others and some may not be present at all until a period of time has passed and exercise continues in the prescribed manner.  The other benefit from this treatment is the emotional understanding and acceptance that a new quality of life will exist for the patient.

The Dry Mouth practitioner will enquire with you at the intervals of 3, 6 and 9 months following treatment to ascertain your opinion on any changes that you have noticed since the completion of treatment.  Alternatively through this website we would welcome your feedback on the continuation of the productive use of saliva and other changes that you notice.  Please access your feed back form here

Further details about the mints is found here