Stage 3 – Exercising the salivary glands

The Mints that you are provided with for treatment stages 2 and 3 are flat and discus in shape.  This is to ensure that you are able to retain this mint on your tongue during the treatment process and to allow observation of the saliva production during the process of disolvement.

The saliva glands like any muscle require regular exercise.  During stage 2 of your treatment you will have been provided with sugar free mint.   Please ensure that once every 2 hours for 10 hours per day for the first week following completion of your treatment dissolve in your mouth as shown during treatment.  (Do not chew or break up the mints in your mouth this can be uncomfortable, allow to fully dissolve for maximum affect).  In week two reduce your intake to one mint every hour for 10 hours and in the third week you should be able to monitor the frequency with which it feels appropriate for you to continue taking the mints to regulate and stimulate saliva.

Warning:  Do not take any flat or discus shaped mint prior to bed as these can fragment at point of total disolvement which can be dangerous.