Stage 2 – The Treatment Process

Following completion of your pre treatment assessment for this therapy, you will be invited to find your most comfortable upright sitting position as all treatment is carried out whilst remaining sitting upright .

First part of treatment process

2nd part of treatment process

3rd stage of treatment process

You are invited to provide a saliva sample so that this can be assessed for mobility, consistency and quantity at the start of the treatment.  The saliva sample is repeated frequently throughout the treatment to continue with this assessment .

You are provided with “sugar free” fresh start mouth watering mints for a dry mouth at the start of the treatment to assess any saliva production.  This is an essential part of the entire treatment assessment process and ongoing after treatment recommendation as also explained in stage 3 below.  We recommend only the use of the “fresh start mouth watering mint for dry mouth”

Your index fingers on both hands and your ears are cleaned with medi clean wipes to remove any residue skin oils to provide a clean environment for the treatment. Your practitioner will also ensure that their hands are entirely clean prior to commencing treatment.

Starting on your right side the practitioner will insert 3 acupuncture needles into your outer ear, then proceed to your right side index finger and insert upto 3 needles following the route of the Median nerve. The same process is repeated on the left side. This part of the treatment is undertaken in a specific sequence as set down by Dr Richard Niemtzow and will not be deviated from by any practitioner. Occasionally when the needles are inserted a blood capillary ruptures causing very minor surface bleeding which is quite normal and easily cleaned with the Medi clean wipes. There is also sometimes a very low level of warmth that can be detected by patients along the length of the index finger where needles are inserted and this is normal. The acupuncture needles have precise location, depth and angle requirements in order to produce the maximum benefit from the treatment.

Occasionally during this process needles do release themselves and this is normal. They are replaced to continue the treatment with new sterile needles as and where required.

Within session 1 productive saliva should become evident within approximately 30 minutes of commencing treatment and treatment will continue until the practitioner is satisfied that saliva secretions are clearly evident and presented to the patient.

Assuming that saliva is being produced the treatment will be terminated at approximately 1 hour 10 minutes into the therapy the needles quickly removed the skin areas again cleaned and you will be invited back to complete the treatment on the following day.