Stage 1 – Pre-Treatment

Treatment of Dry Mouth using the Niemtzow dry mouth treatment protocol is fast, painless and in the very large majority of cases successful. Subject to a patients existing health and conditions success cannot be guaranteed.

Ensure that you have a good breakfast or lunch at least 2 hours prior to treatment. Refrain from any liquid intake, application of Gels, Sprays or other synthetic saliva product a minimum of 1 hour 30 mins before treatment. Prior to treatment we will discuss your condition in a little more detail and you will be required to consider and sign a consent form prior to treatment proceeding. Our treatment may or may not be covered by your medical insurance. We do not accept medical insurance payment but you may wish to consult the terms and conditions of your policy on the “pay and claim” options of your policy. You will be provided with an authentic receipt of your payment that may enable your claim to be processed by your insurance company.

There are only two sessions of treatment required and your payment covers both treatments.  A Third is not deemed necessary as productive/robust saliva is normally achieved in session one and reinforced during session two. Both sessions will take approximately 1hour 20minutes to complete and can be carried out at our approved practitioner clinic(s), your local dental surgery, your home or office.