Case Study 1>  Male aged 48 at diagnosis.  Essex. England.

Diagnosis: Base of Tongue and Tonsil. stage T3 N2 (right side).

Pre treatment surgery: none undertaken

Treatment:  radio/chemotherapy 6 weeks. Aug/Sep 10.

Patient: Non smoker, minimal social drinker. Mucositis expired Dec 2010.

Treated with Niemtzow dry mouth treatment in Rockville, Maryland. USA. July 2011.  2 day treatment.

Affect of treatment

  • Full nights sleep now regulated.
  • No more sore throats.
  • Purchase and use of synthetic saliva’s, gels/sprays eliminated instantly.
  • Able to talk for sustained periods of time in excess of 20 minutes.
  • Tongue, tags and membrane tightness receded 100%.
  • Soreness on throat swallowing now non evident.
  • Able to eat normal foods including some meats, dry pizza and breads (small portions still a necessity)
  • Regular use of prescribed mint’s regulates and stimulates wet mouth on demand.
  • Ability to produce saliva and wet mouth without external stimulation up to 60% successful.
  • Sticky teeth condition no longer evident.
  • Cleaner fresher mouth condition.
  • Healthier feeling to oral cavity.
  • Mouth tightness no longer dominant.