Treatment Applications

Two visits are required to our treatment locations to complete the entire treatment protocol required.   It has been found through research that a third day is unnecessary and does not necessarily increase the result of treatment administered on days 1 and 2.  Charges will vary depending upon your choice of venue:  For a list of charges please click here

You have two options of treatment available

  • Option 1         is standard referral and the application can be downloaded below.  Cost of treatment is subject to your preferred location of treatment.
  • Option 2         is Sponsored treatment which starts from as little as £250.00. and is subject to status and funds available at the time..  Your application form can be downloaded below.

Whichever treatment you select you must observe the requirements of Stage 1 of the treatment protocol which requires the patient to have a full medical examination prior to treatment starting.  Failure to present medical evidence will abort the treatment process.

No response to treatment

If you do not respond on the first day of treatment your second treatment day will be abandoned and you will be refunded 25% of your treatment fee.

Treatment application forms