Good Hygiene and regular oral cavity maintenance

The important of good oral hygiene cannot be stressed enough for those that have been through treatment for head and neck cancer or those that suffer dry mouth as the result of old age or other factors, here are some guidelines to assist the sustainment of your quality of life.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful.

Sugar free drinks:  To be taken in moderation and always check chemical content as excessive amounts can have a laxative affect.  Drink plenty of water.

Sugar free sweets:  As part of the Niemtzow dry mouth therapy you will be provide with a sugar free mint either Spearmint or Mint in flavour. The purpose of the sweet is the assist in the lactation of your remaining salivary gland structure which will result in a wet mouth or significant saliva secretions.  It is important for the first 14 days following this treatment to take at least 2 of these sweets once every two hours for upto 10 hours per day and as set out in stage 3 of the treatment process

It is also advisable to take one sweet 20 minutes before bed and allow to fully dissolve without chewing or fragmenting the sweet.  Also to take one or two sweets immediately upon awakening.

After two weeks we recommend that you reduce your intake down to one every 2 hours for a period of 10 hours and at week 4 recommend that your own assessment of your saliva production using the sugar free sweets will enable you to control your use and intake.

The Dry Mouth Foundation recommends the following over the counter sugar free sweet for the following reasons.

  1. It is elliptical in shape and easy to retain on your tongue.  The manufactured shape is retained to the point to total disolvment in the mouth.
  2. The flavouring is not excessive which for some sufferers in particular following cancer treatment can be assessed as too hot for the oral cavity
  3. During the dissolving process this sweet retains its shape unlike other similar disc shaped products which when they reach maximum dissolve point will fracture and fragment inside the users mouth which can be uncomfortable and dangerous.  Other mint disc shaped sweets will also form a sharp edge to the entire circumference of the sweet which can be uncomfortable and dangerous to the user.

We recommend the repeated use of:      Start Fresh, mouth watering mints for a dry mouth.

These can be purchased at most good convenience stores or you can purchase here on line today. [Shopping Cart to be constructed]