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All about the Dry Mouth Foundation

Our Aims are:

  • To provide treatment that may enable sufferers of dry mouth to benefit from relief from its symptoms and restore a quality of life.
  • To provide training to practitioners in the therapies that the Dry Mouth Foundation advocates, namely that created and developed by Dr. Niemtzow.
  • To endorse commercially available products that we believe provide continuity of the results of the treatment in the stimulation of saliva and moist mouth.
  • To research and enhance knowledge of the condition in order that those currently with the condition, and those yet to suffer, can have access to a therapy that we understand and know can improve the quality of life for Dry Mouth sufferers.
  • To raise through donation and sponsorship, sufficient charitable funds to enable those without sufficient financial means to receive the Niemtzow Dry Mouth treatment protocol and to conduct research on enhanced treatment protocols.

How can Dry Mouth be assessed

Dry Mouth is mildly identifiable through the onset of age and acutely identifiable after cancer treatment.  Common presentations will include some or all of the following and this list is not exhaustive in content.

  • sticky teeth when touched together,
  • grinding teeth even with no food present,
  • difficulty retaining dentures,
  • sensitivity to hot food or drink,
  • difficulty maintaining voluntary saliva production,
  • difficulty swallowing food and talking without assistance of fluids,
  • difficulty sleeping without fluids or other lubrication,
  • bad breath,
  • sore gums,
  • receding gums,
  • skin tags inside the facial cheeks where little or no moisture exists,
  • acceleration in tooth decay and cavity growth,
  • identifiable irritation at back of throat when generally swallowing,
  • excessively dry and/or Parched oral cavity,
  • severe dry and sore mouth upon waking,
  • general feeling of soreness at back of mouth when swallowing food or drink,
  • the inability to masticate certain foods due to the lack of sufficient saliva or wet oral cavity,
  • red – cracked – blistered and furred tongue.

In patients where radiotherapy/chemotherapy has been undertaken the condition is best assessed following recovery and subsidence of the mucositis condition associated with these treatments which is approximately 3 months after completion of the treatment.

Colonel Richard Niemtzow

Colonel Richard Niemtzow – born 1946, New Jersey, USA

Our History:

The Dry Mouth treatment protocol that our foundation advocates was discovered, developed and  still practiced by Dr Richard Niemtzow. MD. PHD.MPH US Air Force Colonel (retired), Radiology Oncologists.  It is in Dr Niemtzow ‘s private capacity that our foundation advocates his Dry Mouth protocol.   Dr. Niemtzow practices privately in Rockville, Maryland. USA and you can request a consultation and treatment with Dr Niemtzow by visiting.   Dr Niemtzow’ s acclaimed protocols which include “battlefield acupuncture” is in use with the US Armed forces and also now in use as far afield as Australia with introduction to other armed forces across various continents.  Our foundation refers to his Dry mouth protocol as The Niemtzow Dry Mouth treatment protocol.   It is a protocol that our foundation is entirely compliant with and ensures that only trained and approved practitioners on behalf our foundation would undertake.

You can also read and learn more about Dr Niemtzow and his career by linking to his website here

The statements and images on this website do not represent the views, opinions or endorsements thereof by the Department of Defense of the United States of America or any agency, department thereof.  Any questions relating to the protocol may be addressed to The Dry Mouth Foundation.

This website

Please explore our website which provides comprehensive information and links to Dr Niemtzow’s data. If you require further details please do not hesitate to email us or join the Forum.  You can learn more about, or visit Dr Richard Niemtzow in Maryland, USA if you wish, or book your treatmentthrough a foundation approved practitioner here in the UK, all of whom undergo the intensive training required to practice this approved technique using assessment and test procedures

set down by Richard Niemtzow himself in order to allow them to practice this particular therapy protocol.

No one can practice this foundation approved therapy on behalf of the foundation using the title the Niemtzow Dry Mouth treatment protocol without having undergone the training and certification required. Whilst others may offer a similar protocol we cannot be held responsible for its affect, or potential failure.

There are 3 primary stages and 1 follow up stage to the Niemtzow dry mouth therapy.  Stage 1 Pre treatment, Stage 2 treatment process and Stage 3 exercise regime and Stage 4 follow up and what to expect from the treatment click here to see these stages