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Col Niemztow with foundation therapists & patient

Colonel Niemtzow trained 2 foundation practitioners and treated 1 foundation patient. from left to Right. Colonel Richard Niemtzow, Patient, Practitioner Gillian Kelly, Practitioner Harry Brien.

Welcome to the Dry Mouth Foundation

The Dry Mouth Foundation was founded to:

  • research the condition & identify new therapies,
  • inform those who have an interest in the condition,
  • train and register practitioners,
  • provide the Niemtzow dry mouth treatment therapy,
  • provide a forum for those suffering with dry mouth.

What is Dry Mouth ‘Xerostomia’

Dry Mouth is a condition of natural fatigue/failure of salivary glands and/or failure of the salivary glands following treatment such as radiotherapy/chemotherapy for some head and neck cancers, or as a result of menopause, undiagnosed diabetes and  various medications.  Clinically  Dry Mouth is known as Xerostomia.

Sreebney and Vissink (2010) estimate that 20 percent of adults suffer from dry mouth.  That equates to 44 million people in the U.S. and consequently therefore based upon the same formula 12 million in the UK and 60 million throughout the EU.

Dry mouth can be caused by a number of factors:

Old Age: Dry Mouth can present over a long period of time.  The affects are not immediately evident until diagnosis of the condition is made at an advanced stage.

Head and Neck Cancer treatment: Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy can cause Dry Mouth presenting within 8 weeks of completion of treatment.

Sjögren’s syndrome (SS), a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that occurs predominantly in postmenopausal women.

Dry Mouth can affect men, women and children.  There are a number of known and assumed causes of the condition which covers a large medical and environment spectrum requiring greater research and understanding of the many facets of the condition.

The Foundation can now provide treatment to relieve the Dry Mouth condition  – The Niemtzow Dry Mouth Treatment protocol 

Created, developed and practiced privately Dr Richard Niemtzow a US Air Force Colonel (ret) also creator of Battlefield acupuncture.  This unique treatment is now available through this foundation and undertaken  by trained, approved foundation acupuncture therapists.  Using only the techniques and protocols set down by Dr Niemtzow we now offer this treatment to anyone who suffers with Dry Mouth.  You can find out more about Dr. Richard Niemtzow here.

There are 4 stages to the treatment which can be undertaken at your home, place of work or your local Dental surgery, requiring just two 1hour 30minute evaluation and treatment sessions, relief from Dry mouth can be instant.  Click here to see the stages

A frequently asked question is will it work for me?  The simple answer is we cannot determine who will respond positively to treatment and who will not.  Sufficient to state that advice from Dr. Niemtzow is that he has not experienced an occasion where the treatment has not been successful.

What can I expect from treatment?  This will vary from patient to patient, it can be significant saliva production to a more comfortable moist mouth.

How long will it last?   This is really based upon the patients pre-condition but data shows anywhere from 6 months to 3 years for which data is still being collated and will form an essential part of the foundations research programme.

Can I have more than one treatment?  No more than two is recommended, a third is found unncessary and does not improve the result.

Once treatment is complete what next?  Stimulate salivary productivity with the regular use of sugar free mints, peppermint essence bath oil etc.  These methods of stimulation are regulated by the patient.  We do recommend that you refrain from smoking and drinking as this may have a negative affect on the success of your treatment.

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